Cannabis-infused coconut oil

From Sarah and Kara's Recipes

Better living through botany.


  • 1 oz finely ground cannabis flower buds, or shake
  • 2 cups coconut oil (refined, virgin, or MCT)


Finely grind cannabis buds and place them in a tempered glass mason jar with a plastic screw-on lid. Place an upturned bowl or other object in a sous vide bath such that the threads of the mason jar are just above the water line when the jar is placed on top. Insulate the sous vide bath with a towel or plastic balls and heat to 208 F. Place the filled mason jar on the support and allow to decarboxylate for 2 hours. At 60 and 90 minutes, remove the jar, shake gently to stir the contents, and open the lid to vent accumulated gas. You will know the decarboxylation is occurring because it produces water and carbon dioxide, so you will see the generation of a few drops of water inside the jar and hear a small hiss when venting the jar.

Once decarboxylation is complete: reduce the sous vide bath temperature to 185 F. If using pint-size mason jars, split the cannabis between two jars. If using quart-size jars one jar is enough. Add the coconut oil to the jar(s). You can weigh out 519g (or 259g per jar if using two jars) for better accuracy.

Return the jar(s) to the sous vide bath, on top of the support as before. Let process for 3 hours, removing the jar(s) 2 or 3 times to swirl the contents.

Remove the jar(s) from the sous vide bath and squeeze the oil through cheesecloth or a nut milk bag wrapped around a strainer. Store the filtered oil in a cool, dark place.

To estimate cannabinoid acid content, mutiply weight of the starting material by % content, and multiply that value by 0.80 to assume an 80% efficient extraction. Then, to convert from cannabinoid acid mass to cannabinoid mass, multiply that value by 0.88 to account for loss of mass due to decarboxylation.

For example: Starting with 28g of entirely legal Suver Haze hemp flower containing 22.4% CBD (as CBDa) and no measurable THC:

  • total potential CBDa
  • estimated extracted CBDa
  • estimated total CBD

So, a 9-serving batch of baked goods made with 3 tbsp of this oil could be estimated at or 46mg CBD per serving. This would be a terrifyingly large dose of THC for most people, so 1 tbsp of oil to 9 servings of baked goods would be more appropriate if you were using the Devil's Weed instead of clean, innocent hemp -- but even then, give your infrequent dinner guests half a brownie to start unless you want people Dowding out in your living room.