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Since 2001, 4d2 dot org has worked to provide interested folks with free access to communication and collaboration services in a mixed Linux/BSD environment. We focus on technical transparency, user privacy and free speech, with a dash of anarchy, cypherpunk and retrocomputing for good measure (ask us about building a web server on a C64 or running NetBSD on an Amiga 3000).

After 10+ years subsidizing our activities with a commercial hosting service, then 3 years operating as a 501(c)3 nonprofit while choking on tax paperwork, we're back to our roots as a small self-funded service. It's simpler, we've had the good fortune to be able to afford it, and we're having fun doing it.

Hey! Free stuff!
Cool, so, what's the catch? What's your angle? Does this cost money in some insidious way? Are you a cult?

A cult? We wish! In fact, we hope that by providing these free services, we will encourage you to learn more about our perfectly normal new religious order, the Reformed Tertiary Quantum Church of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. Please send your best drawing of a $5 U.S. banknote and a stamped envelope addressed to your childhood self, into which you have screamed a detailed account of a time when your mother deeply disappointed you, to Six by Nine Online Services, PO Box 25751, Portland OR 97298, USA. You will receive a copy of our lavishly illustrated pamphlet Four Hundred Twenty More Reasons to Be Deeply Ashamed About Your Body, Especially Those Parts Right There via telepathy.

OK, not really. We're just humanists trying to provide folks with access to technology for education and fun. Sorry.

4d2 dot org Network Status

Our servers are directly powered by 100% renewable energy where available. When this isn't possible, we offset 100% of our power consumption with renewable energy credits from the Pacific Northwest USA.
HostOSLocationHardware SpecsServicesStatus
bayardFreeBSD4951 NE Huffman St.
Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
4x AMD 7002 CPU threads
160GB NVMe storage
In-House Web Apps
Mail Exchange
You Are Here
larryDebianHuurrekuja 10
Tuusula, Finland
4x Intel CPU threads
80GB NVMe storage
179.579 ms from here
marshaFreeBSD600 S. Federal St.
Chicago, Illinois, USA
2x Intel E5-2670v2 CPU threads
1TB HDD RAID storage
Public File Sharing
Remote Filesystems
51.491 ms from here
sylviaDebianHuurrekuja 10
Tuusula, Finland
32x AMD 7950X3D CPU threads
2TB NVMe RAID storage
Audio/Video Conferencing
Collaboration Tools
178.788 ms from here
Services Available with a Click (or tap, whatever, we're behind the times)
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Contact sarah at 4d2 dot org via email, or @sarah:4d2.org on Matrix.

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