Six by Nine Online Services User Report Form

Updated 10 April 2024

We operate, a public Matrix server with open registration. We understand that at any given time there will be some users who are behaving inappropriately, and that like any server with open registration we can be an attractive target for trolls who wish to evade bans.

In common with the rest of 4d2 dot org's projects, access to, and freedom of, communication are priorities for us. We frequently receive requests to deactivate the accounts of users who are behaving unacceptably.

User is being awful, can you deactivate them?

Matrix offers multiple ways to deal with offensive users:
  1. Every user has access to the ignore function. If there's an individual you find obnoxious or offensive, you have the power to ignore them and never see another post from them. This is the equivalent of telling someone you don't want to speak with them anymore.
  2. Users can be kicked or banned from individual rooms, if the moderator(s) of those rooms believe the user's behavior is a problem for everyone in the room. This is the equivalent of someone being ejected from a public space like a bar or club.
  3. Users can be added to a federated ban list using tools like Mjolnir or Draupnir. Like most servers, we respect the Community Moderation Effort's ban list, and automatically ban users from our public rooms who have been banned from other public rooms. This is equivalent to someone being shunned in all public places.
  4. As a final resort, users' accounts can be deactivated entirely by the admin of the server where they registered the account. This causes the user to lose access to all use of Matrix, both public and private spaces, and to lose access to any material they've previously posted or uploaded. This is equivalent to being exiled on an island, and we view it as an extreme measure.
We are willing to deactivate users if they have violated a section of our Terms of Service, or if the account itself is obviously intended to be a public nuisance (e.g. MXID spam). We encourage you to read our full Terms, but in brief, here are the reasons we would deactivate a Matrix user:
Matrix User Deactivation Request

User Being Reported:

ToS Violation:

I confirm that I have read the Terms of Service, and if reporting for hate speech, the Hate Speech Policy before requesting this user be deactivated.

Describe your concern in as much detail as possible. Dates/times, message texts, JSON source, and links to screenshots are all very helpful. You can use our simple file sharing service to upload screenshots and provide links here.

Your contact email or MXID (optional):
May we contact you to follow up on this request? Yes No

Thank you for helping keep our community safe and accessible.