Six by Nine Online Services Hate Speech Policy

Updated 11 October 2023

Why We Restrict Some Speech. Click to show.

Protected Groups. We refer to groups of people as "protected groups" when, based on involuntary characteristics, members of those groups have been placed at arbitrary disadvantages, have been systematically mistreated or disempowered, or have been the object of threats or violence. Without limitations on the speech of others, these groups could be effectively silenced, and thus deprived of their freedom of speech. By this definition, we consider a protected group to be any grouping of people on the basis of race, national origin, caste, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, physical characteristics, age, disability, or disease.

Hate Speech. We refer to some forms of expression as "hate speech", and seek to limit that expression for the good of the community. We recognize that "hate speech" is an imperfect term, because it isn't necessary for someone to feel emotional hatred toward an individual or group to use hate speech.

This section is hidden because it contains specific, illustrative examples of hate speech and hate symbols. You can choose to display the full text, to display the text without detailed examples, or to skip it entirely and read on.

Our Response. When we see hate speech, our preference is to provide a warning to the user involved and give them space to restate their point in a different way. When hate speech is egregious, repetitive, or clearly intended to spam or troll, we may ban users from our services without warning.

Scope. These are minimal rules that apply across our services, and that are primarily concerned with public, unencrypted services like Lemmy communities that we moderate and community-wide Matrix rooms. Other public Lemmy communities or Matrix rooms may have more stringent moderators, and you must follow their guidelines. Conversely, private, invite-only Matrix rooms that use end-to-end encryption may have moderators who choose to ignore these rules against our wishes, since enforcing rules in those rooms is impossible by design.