Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
~ presents ~
Drink Dispenser Technology®

The future is here! With Nutri-Matic Drink Dispensers from Sirius Cybernetics Corporation,
you can provide your customers or employees with the finest quality beverages,
individually custom-engineered for optimum nourishment and enjoyment!

NutriMat VII           Our newest model, the NutriMat VII (left), represents a great
leap forward in drink dispenser technology. When the consumer
presses the touch panel on top, the device will instantly send
harmless electrical currents through the neural pathways of the
user, determining exactly what sort of drink they will most enjoy,
and scientifically deducing their precise nutritional requirements.
The whole process takes a tiny fraction of a second. After this
is complete, the machine dispenses a hot cup of our delicious
Advanced Tea Substitute (patent pending). Share and enjoy!

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